Minister/Director of Music

PURPOSE OF POSITION: The Minister/Director of Music of Ravensworth Baptist Church (RBC) will assist the congregation in its ministry to each other, our community, and the world by providing leadership and support for the church’s music ministry. The specific roles, tasks, and responsibilities in the church’s ministries are:

  1. Coordinate the work of all music leaders and other instrumentalists.
  2. Conduct regular rehearsals and worship performances of the Adult Choir.
  3. Prepare one or more special presentations by the Adult Choir each year. 
  4. Provide for special music in addition to congregational singing on Sunday mornings at a minimum when the Adult Choir does not perform.  Be attuned to opportunities for special music from other musical groups and sources and incorporate special music into the worship service as available within the Church’s financial resources.
  5. Coordinate with other staff and volunteers to integrate RBC children and youth into music program.
  6. Provide for music in addition to congregational singing at special designated worship services.
  7. Share in worship leadership.
  8.  Support other staff and volunteers in planning music and/or providing music resources for special events as needed.
  9. Provide alternative musical leadership when absent from rehearsal or Sunday worship. 
  10. Consult weekly with the pastor to assist in planning and coordinating all worship services.
  11. Continually encourage congregational participation in worship music, and utilize musical talents and gifts of congregation in the music program.
  12. Foster congregational education and awareness of the theology and history of hymns/sacred music.
  13. Supervise maintenance of and additions to the Church’s music library.  Secure music materials and supplies as needed (with budgeted funds).  
  14. Coordinate with other staff and volunteers in the operation and routine maintenance of audio-visual and sound system and peripheral equipment utilized throughout the church facilities; and in purchase of new or replacement equipment.
  15. Supervise and arrange for maintenance of the organ and piano.
  16. Serve in a supervisory capacity over paid music support staff members (Accompanist).
  17. Attend Music Committee meetings.
  18. Keep the Church copyright license up to date.

SUPERVISION:  The Minister/Director of Music is supervised by the Senior Pastor with consultative support from the Music Committee and the Personnel Committee.